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Challenge: The Jane Eyre Read the Book, See the Movie Challenge

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message 1: by Sara

Sara It is much more darker and better in my opinion than Pride and the Prejudice.

message 2: by Jaime

Jaime That looks really good!

message 3: by Emma

Emma wow!

Jaimie Oh! This is going to be amazing!

Sandie OHHH MYYYY GOOODNESSS!!!! I cant wait to see this movie!

Mlpmom (Book Reviewer) That looks amazing!

Tiowidodo Jane Eyre, one of the books recommended by my lecturer during my study at English Department of Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia, to be my book report materials. The style, the class, and the toughness, were the mpressive interests I found here.

Tiowidodo Sandie wrote: "OHHH MYYYY GOOODNESSS!!!! I cant wait to see this movie!"

And so can't I, dear friend. I'm wandering the plots, hoping that it would be satisfactory...:)

message 9: by Emma

Emma Michaels I have watched each of the other versions I have found and am looking forward to seeing if this lives up to my expectations!

message 10: by Jade

Jade this is nice. Even though I didn't read the book yet. It's very interesting. I need to mention this: that there is a bug on the opened-book at 1:48

message 11: by Alice


message 12: by Valerie

Valerie I can't WAIT for this to be released!!! Have been looking forward to it for months!!

message 13: by [deleted user]

Let's hope they do the writing justice. Always tricky adapting a classic.

message 14: by L.C.

L.C. Lavado I must confess that Jane Eyre is not in my list of favorite classics but after this trailer I want to give it another chance... :)

Margarida Can't wait. Seriously.

message 16: by Daniela

Daniela Barbieri must re-read the book. Another time... but i know i won't be disapponted again.
A true must-read book.

scrillla hmm i've never even heard of this but i better read the book first before i watch the movie.

message 18: by Allison

Allison Looks great! I don't remember the story going down like this when I read it for summer reading back in high school. I'm going to have to revisit the book!

message 19: by Candra

Candra Can't hardly wait to see this movie. I like Jane Eyre story so much, especialy about Mr. Edward Rochester.

Natalie OMG I wanna see that!!!!!!!!

message 21: by Stuart

Stuart Aken Having recently re-read the book, because my daughter's studying it for her A level exams and I want to be able to discuss it with her, I wonder about what's been left in and what's been left out. It's a great story, but I'm not convinced a 2 hour film can do it justice. I fear it might turn out a bit like the recent film of Pride and Prejudice, which did the book a real disservice. But I'll probably risk a visit to the film anyway.

message 22: by Liz

Liz Hopps (Elizabetha) I LOVE IT...I CAN WAIT FOR SEE THIS MOVIE!!!
I love THE BOOK...the story...everything!!!
But..Looks Amazing, but is like the book?

message 23: by Hilda

Hilda Can't wait to see it either :)

message 24: by Taj

Taj an all time favorite book - looking forward to the new movie

message 25: by Erika

Erika Just finished reading the book (for the first time)I only started reading because I found out that two of my favorites, Jamie and Mia were going to be in the film :) and I loved it! It was worth it staying up late reading this amazing book :D I haven't seen the other versions of of the book, I am waiting to see this one first.

Linda I can't believe there's another movie version of this coming out - YEA! Like others, it's one of my all-time favorites: I've read the book several times and seen every movie version. So far I have liked the Timothy Dalton film the best, but each one has merit because it's based on this wonderful novel. I hope this one won't disappoint - the trailer looks promising. Can't wait, can't wait...!

message 27: by Celia

Celia Hey, it's Jane Eyre and Judy Dench is in it. I loved the book, and loved the old movie with Joan Fontaine, but this movie looks good. It might be fun to go see this with our book club.

message 28: by Sharnay

Sharnay Jackson I can't wait to see it. In my opinion the 1996 version is my favorite, but I'll see if this one can out-do it.

message 29: by Lianne

Lianne Love the book, love Michael Fassbender. I'm definitely seeing this.

message 30: by Grace

Grace Uhmmm... is anyone else annoyed about the Mr. Rochester casting? They always tend to make him out to be really scary... I actually like his character. Will probably see the movie though. :)

message 31: by Grace

Grace Vic wrote: "this is nice. Even though I didn't read the book yet. It's very interesting. I need to mention this: that there is a bug on the opened-book at 1:48"

LOL, I know! That was weird!

message 32: by Gina

Gina I cannot wait to see this version of Jane Eyre!! Mia Wasikowska I think will do an excellent job at Jane's character! wish it was showing in my area! Might have to wait for the DVD to come out! I have liked the older versions, but I think this one will show it in a whole new light, one that will be gripping to me!

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